Naomi Barker

I am the short but feisty social justice warrior for St Anne’s, which basically means that I’ll spend the year coordinating with Oxford Access and the JCR Reps for Women, Black & Ethnic Minorities and LGBTQ students (they make up the Equalities Committee of which I am Lord and Master, see below) to create events focused upon issues of inequality. Think along the lines of guest speakers, our feminist discussion group, a potential annual magazine to which anyone can contribute, and debates. Impassioned debates where people throw pens at each other. On a more serious note, experiencing prejudice of any kind while at uni can be frustrating at best. If you need a friendly face to talk to about that (or, indeed, anything) or if you want to know who to talk to about it within the university, hit us up. I’ll be found in STACS at basically any hour, desperately chugging caffeine and muttering obscene things at my law books. If not, mobile is 07502228278, and email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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