Past Secretaries

With access to the JCR mailing list for a year, and the power of sending out twice weekly bulletins, these people know everything going on in the JCR, yes, even that...

Jack Davies (2013 - 2014)

As Secretary, I will be keeping you up to date on events within College and University; publicizing your events, teams and groups in my weekly emails; and minuting everything I possibly can. The JCR will be doing a lot of exciting things this year, and with the brilliant new website up and running, it will be easier than every to keep up to date.

Aside from the administration of the JCR, I frequent cocktail bars and STACs as much as possible, I’ll be writing for the Cherwell, and I somehow find time to study PPE. If you need to contact me for publicizing purposes or motions, you can do so by my shiny new email (below), Facebook, or just grab me while I’m in STACs.

Xin Fan (2012 - 2013)

Xin Fan

It is likely that the first thing you are wondering is not “What on earth does he do?” but “How on earth do you pronounce that?” At the age of six I figured I’d keep it simple, so sound the X with a Z and we’re good to go.
Occasionally I’m known to study history and economics. To you, it’s probably more useful to know that I’m your Secretary, which means I set out agendas, take down minutes at meetings, post both of those up for you, keep you up to date with notices, let you know about changes and happenings in and out of college, and urge you to attend our lively weekly JCR meetings. Which you should definitely definitely come to yes you should did I hear something about free ice cream?
If you need to start a club, submit a motion, or violently rail against emails set in twelve point Calibri because you hate it and Wingdings represents the character of the student body better, then get in touch. Or if you just want to have a nice chitchat. But please not about fonts.

Mo Uddin (2011 - 2012)


First and foremost Mo, the JCR secretary, is one of the most approachable and friendly people people around. (he is also known to be a bit of a hugger) He will be filling your inboxes with the super informative Secretary emails this year. If you need information, he‘s the one to know!

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