Past Treasurers

With more financial savvy than a crack team of accountants, these members have ensured the financial well-being of the JCR for years to come.


Johnny Adams (2013-2014)

I'm Jonny, I'm studying Economics & Management and, when I'm not endorsing the free market or explaining how economics definitely applies to all areas of life, I’m your treasurer. As your treasurer, my main responsibility is running the JCR accounts, so if there are any sports, societies or activities you'd like JCR funding for then be sure to get in touch. My other responsibilities as treasurer are ‘singing’ gold digger at the open mic night, and embarrassing our president (did you know she can't tell left from right?).

Jonny Rix (2012 - 2013)

Jonny Rix Jonny manages the JCR accounts, and is responsible for keeping all of us informed and involved about the JCR’s financial situation. The JCR provides funding for a mixture of events, activities and sports and Jonny is charged with dealing with the allocation of funding and making sure everyone gets their money on time. Mixing a penchant for spread sheets with a predilection for Oxford’s jazzy nightlife, this trendy Treasurer is one cool cucumber. Efficient yet enigmatic, this cool froude delights in the opportunity to help and talk you through any difficulties you may find yourself in. Be it help with your expenses form, blues with your Blues funding or needing some advice about travel grants, Jonny’s your man. He’s always up for some financially themed fun and is a friendly, beautiful face around college.

Vicki Arnott (2011 - 2012)

Vicki Arnott As JCR Treasurer, Vicki has the power of the purse and she's willing to use it. If you get involved in anything which requires funding, she's the person to talk to. Can't find her? If she's not chained to her desk or scribbling in her cheque book, you'll be able to catch her on the dance floors of Park End and Camera.

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