Past Entz Reps

Far from being the class clowns, these pairs of reps have bought entartainment on par with the Two Ronnies.

Andy Selby and Matt Morrow (2013 - 2014)

Combining to form the college’s self-proclaimed happiest married couple, when not playing football us two gentlemen will be satisfying all of your entertainment needs. Ranging from killer college bops and open mic nights in the college bar, to film nights in the Danson Room (regular musical showings anyone?), you can be sure we’ll be organising something for you to enjoy. We’re also after hearing your own ideas for wacky bop themes and any other events you’d like to see, while anything that gets Andy into his long awaited and yet to be seen Amy Winehouse outfit will be very much appreciated by all.

Tiber Karadag and Annie Wogel (2012 - 2013)

Tiber Karadag and Annie Wogel

As a happily married college couple we make up your entz team, and it is our job to organise events ranging from film nights to college bops. We will do our very best to make your time at St Anne’s as enjoyable as possible.

As two students from different disciplines, Annie (Law) and Tiber (Physics), we believe we can bring great diversity to the events we will be organising. We want to get as many people involved with everything that will be going on in college, from choosing bop themes to getting involved in the St Anne’s Ball Committee. So please feel free to share any suggestions or enquiries with us about the events we will be organising in college.

If there is anything that must be said, it is this, we both love St Anne’s and want everyone to have an amazing time like we have so far.

Contact us through e-mail, facebook or feel free to approach us in college as we are genuinely nice people (perhaps find Tiber whilst Annie is napping). We would like to get to know you all, so we have a better idea of what sort of events to tailor to your entertainment needs.

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