Past Welfare Reps

Keeping you safe, happy and healthy in all situations, the Welfare pair are some of the loveliest people about college

Susanna Moody and Cai Gwyn Wilshaw (2013 - 2014)


We are a fun-loving college couple who really understand that Oxford can be intense in every way - academically and socially. Making sure you're enjoying your time here is our top priority, and as we said in our hustings, our unofficial title as 'happiness reps' is genuinely our goal. Never hesitate to call, Facebook, Snapchat or email your worries - anonymity is assured and sweet treats essential. Expect many a Welfare event throughout term, and if you have any ideas, give us a buzz. Your time at Oxford can be the best time of your life, so let us help make sure it stays that way.

Matt Ridley and Isra Hale (2012 - 2013)

Isra Hale Matt Ridley

My name is Matt Ridley and I’m one of your two welfare reps, the other being the lovely Isra. I’m studying physics (don’t be put off) and if I’m not working I’m probably moaning about working. When I do get a few hours off I love rowing, the bar and Park End cheese floor. It’s my job to look after you all, which means providing as much help as possible so you can enjoy your time at Oxford. If you have any worries, concerns or problems get in touch, in person or through email and I’ll do my best to sort them out for you.

My names Isra, and im a medical student with a love for Africa, Live Music, Coffee; not forgetting healthy and happy Stanners. I’d like to quote the forever wise words of Bob Marley: Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right. And if it’s not… well then you’ll always have your welfare reps at hand to help you through. From condoms and pregnancy scares, to STI’s and breakups, to grievances and depression, or just feeling awfully under the weather; (whether it be alcohol related or not,) Matt and I are here for you.

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