I chose to study Classics because it's such a broad field and gives me the opportunity to study a range of areas like history, archaeology, language, literature and philosophy. I liked the course at Oxford because it was language-based and despite having never studied Latin or Greek at School, I thought that was really important.

The language teaching at Oxford is excellent: comprehensive, fast- paced and well implemented. Apart from language classes there are lecture programmes for every module which are great for introductory or consolidating knowledge of the topic. Other than that, I have always enjoyed my tutorials. The tutorial system is one of Oxford's biggest assets and my weekly and bi-weekly tutorials are always when I really deepen my understanding of a topic.

The most challenging aspect of classics is also the most rewarding, which is the juggling of different eras and subject areas and trying to bring them together to give you an overall perspective. Language learning is also very rewarding, and being able to read ancient texts in the original is something I really enjoy being able to do. I think the main thing I was unprepared for when I arrived was how important it is to plan your time and be efficient but having said that, I've also learned to cut myself some slack. The work is supposed to be hard and so it's fine to find it hard! Every effort pays off in the end and studying Classics at Oxford has been really enjoyable start to finish.