The Talk

There are certain occasions when your parents feel the need for a Talk, with a capital T, to tell you things you probably already know.

An Italian Summer

Second year here we come! Last days in Sunny Italy before being off to Oxford. To be entirely honest, the weather is getting (slightly) colder here as well, which means it's definitely time to go!

Oh, Finance.

My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty and the tick of the clock was deafening. Clutching my book, I shuffled nervously forward, glancing frantically at my mother through the window who was making encouraging gestures in that sign language that all mothers incorrectly assume that you can understand.

College Family!

I’ll admit that at first I was really confused about what a college family was: I thought it was a system where only some people got chosen, and I was for quite a while thinking I would be parentless. However, it turns out not be the case, and I joyously received an e-mail from my College Mum.

Tackling the Reading List

Fact 1: I received my reading list in April.

Fact 2: I did not tackle this reading list before two weeks after results day because I was scared it seemed ‘presumptuous’ and if I did, the universe’s Karma monkeys would take my place away for assuming I’d get in.

Fact 3: I regret Fact 2.

The Fabulous, Shiny, Organised New Me.

I GOT INTO OXFORD. EEEEEEK! All the months of hard work, the stress of applying and the nervous build up to results day had all been worth it; I was off to the land of learning and subfuscs. Such fun!

The supermarket quandry

"Right, I'm not going to buy ANY junk food – and I MEAN any – because I've got to get a fitness regime going for uni...and these spots on my face have to vacate too!" I proclaimed grandly to my sister whilst going up a travelator to the main shopping floor of the newly opened Morrison's.

A fresher's musings

I got into Oxford. I am going to Oxford. I am an…Oxonian? (Well, it’s better than Cantabrigian – I looked it up.)

The contact lens cataclysm

The step up from Sixth Form to university can prompt people to do things that they’ve been thinking of doing for a while but could never be bothered to do.

Laundry Basket Shopping: Such fun!

Having received my Fresher’s pack in the post and got RIDICULOUSLY overexcited at the amount of free tea that seems to be on offer, Mother Dear and I decided to spend a Friday shopping for university goodies to personalise my room and make day-to-day living possible. Taking Mother Dear was definitely a good idea. It turns out that my idea that everything I’d ever need at uni would fit into to small A4 boxes was completely wrong. If this was the Victorian era and woman were still judged on domestic capability, I’d live my life a spinster.


Contained within are the musings and pronouncements from on high.

These aren't necessarily blogs about each of the committee positions, but may be relevant.