Laundry Basket Shopping: Such fun!

Having received my Fresher’s pack in the post and got RIDICULOUSLY overexcited at the amount of free tea that seems to be on offer, Mother Dear and I decided to spend a Friday shopping for university goodies to personalise my room and make day-to-day living possible. Taking Mother Dear was definitely a good idea. It turns out that my idea that everything I’d ever need at uni would fit into to small A4 boxes was completely wrong. If this was the Victorian era and woman were still judged on domestic capability, I’d live my life a spinster.

It turns out there’s a lot more stuff needed to be ‘practical.’ First stop was Argos, where we bought my first ever pan set and some cutlery. Now I suppose I just need to learn to cook… The Wilkinson’s – for just about everything else. They’ve got a surprisingly large and colourful range of EVERYTHING. At the checkout, the woman asked me if I was off to uni and then, just after we’d paid, politely asked how we planned on getting everything to the car.

We hadn’t. And got wet. And had to carry two GIANT (well, normal sized but giant when you’re a shorty) laundry baskets about 300m to the car. I think within the next fortnight I may get circulation back in my fingers.


Chopping board, cutlery, washing up bowl, storage boxes, alarm clock, make-up bag… I was absolutely gobsmacked by the fact we managed to fill the car. And slightly scared. Having all the stuff, all in co-ordinating cheerful bright pink to give me a terrible headache first thing on a morning, made the whole idea about going real.


Tl;dr: Went shopping. Way more stuff than expected. Excitement level now ridiculous. Fear level raised slightly by seeing the physical reality of living at uni. 

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