College Family!

I’ll admit that at first I was really confused about what a college family was: I thought it was a system where only some people got chosen, and I was for quite a while thinking I would be parentless. However, it turns out not be the case, and I joyously received an e-mail from my College Mum.

Despite my lack of knowledge about the system, so far it’s proved to be great! It’s made me feel loads better about coming up, knowing that someone has done the same course, the same papers and faced the same problems/fears/forms/worries/confusion… I’ve never visited one of departments and all I know about the papers comes from the prospectus and handbook, so it’s been fabulous finally finding out exactly what I’ve signed up for. It’s also really cool to hear about some of the extra-curricular stuff that’s on offer that I just didn’t know about. I’ve moved schools lots of times in the past, but I think the fear of going somewhere you don’t know anyone is always the same – it’s great to know someone already.

I didn’t think it was possible – but now my excitement has reached new heights! I can’t wait to actually meet my family in person, and I’m looking forward to the ‘Family Dinner’ during Fresher’s Week!

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