The Fabulous, Shiny, Organised New Me.

I GOT INTO OXFORD. EEEEEEK! All the months of hard work, the stress of applying and the nervous build up to results day had all been worth it; I was off to the land of learning and subfuscs. Such fun!

However, after a week or so of floating around shops on my little cloud of excitement and congratulations purchasing student essentials (turns out the funky cake stand that was amongst the kitchenware does not count as “essential”), an email landed in my inbox with a list of important forms and contracts to be sent off to my college. It was time to get organised - swishes hair in important, collected, business-like manner.

I sat at my kitchen table, laptop, pen and paper in hand, and sifted through various contracts, medical forms and Oxford rules and regulations - hand in your work on time, turn up to tutorials and no drunkenly waving a firearm on the roof, got it. I carefully filled in all of the forms; separated them into envelopes which were neatly addressed in little black capitals almost unrecognisable in comparison to my usual blue sprawl; affixed the stamps and popped them in the post box, feeling very smug with my fabulously organised new self - swishes hair again.

I was halfway home when I realised that despite having checked all of the forms twice, I had in fact forgotten to attach a photo to my college contract and would have to post another one with an awkward cover letter apologising for the inconvenience.

Sigh, perhaps not so organised after all.

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