An Italian Summer

Second year here we come! Last days in Sunny Italy before being off to Oxford. To be entirely honest, the weather is getting (slightly) colder here as well, which means it's definitely time to go!

This summer has been great, I've been doing loads of stuff, including learning to drive and starting some Spanish (because English, Italian, Latin, Greek and French are not enough!). It was more like a hobby, though, as I've been using Memrise (, It's a brilliant website whith which you can learn basically every language, although the focus is on vocabulary rather than grammar, but it's better than nothing ;)

At the end of term I feared I was going to miss my friends a lot, having to spend three months in Italy, but luckily Skype allows you to chat with people from pretty much everywhere (including the Far East), so it was not a problem! Moreover, some friends even ventured over to stay at mine, and it was a pleasure to show them Padova (which is Padua in English, nobody knows why) and take them to Venice. However often one can go to Venice - and from where I live it's not far at all - it always keeps its special charm, which surprises me every time I go there: it's really a fascinating city.

I've also been to Sicily with my family in mid-August. It was a long journey (BY CAR), but definitely worthwhile: the sea, the food, the sights and the people were simply amazing! And here I have to add a boring Classicist note, saying that I visited the Greek theatre in Taormina, which is breath-taking!

I've had a wonderful summer, but I'm also looing forward to going back for an exciting year!

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