Diary of a breakfast-holic

Don't worry, I'll keep this succinct

I wonder why people don't take more advantage of this. I enjoy tapping away at a keyboard, especially when no-one will read it. Blah. Blah. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Let it be known, that over breakfast on the 31/10 in the year of our Lord 2013, a Fellowship was created. This would be a solemn band of Stanners that would converse for the next thirty minutes on matters of global and local issues. Due to the sheer importance of the matters discussed, I wish to share with you some of the problems we encountered, and our strength and commitment to resolving them.

Problem 1

Eggs. Today, is the day of La France, implying poached eggs. (Not GESG for any of those people that see where I'm going with this - that's Tuesday). I paid 40p for two of these fine specimens and there was not a penny wasted. Cooked just right, I enjoyed them immensely with my bacon and sausage. Cue Alistair Green, second year Law student, some may call him an Eggs-pert, however, I just call him Alistair. His problem was thus, due to him arriving towards the end of the tray of eggs, his 20p expense was rather cold. He did not criticise the consistency, in fact, he praised it, however felt that a warm egg would certainly have enhanced his breakfast enjoyment. When the idea of a personal microwave was suggested, he choked on his yolk (bad rhyme - I appreciate that). "But then it would turn rubbery" he said with a cry, as if only a fool would suggest such an idea. With nothing going to mellow him, we left the egg discussion for another day. The trial continues.

Problem 2

Succinto. For those who aren't quite as fluent as me in the tongue of Italia, this means succinct. However, on a rather embarrassing gamble, some fellow believed the Italian double 'c' to be pronounced in a different manner. Quite absurd I tell you. Nonetheless, the poor fellow pressed on with his plight, under heavy resistance, sighting such words as cucchiaino and chiacchierare (teaspoon and to chat respectively). While very impressed at his grasp of nouns and verbs, the old boy was quite wrong in his attempts. And just to finish it all off, he finished with a question.

"Are there any words containing a double 'c' in English?"

I will leave you do ponder that insightful thought.

And until next time. Ciao.


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